How to Build a Covid-19 Marketing Early Warning System

Coronavirus Marketing Plan

Webinar: How to Build a COVID-19 Marketing Early Warning System.

Every business is concerned about the impact that the Covid-19 virus will have on their revenue. For some, like restaurants and hotels, the answer is obvious and immediate, while for other B2B businesses, the answer may not be clear for some time.

In this webinar, David Reske, Nowspeed’s  Founder and CEO, will show you how to build your own Covid-19 early warning system using data from Google Trends and Google Analytics. He’ll also share specific strategies you may be able to use to recover lost traffic or leads.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to use Google Trends to identify market trends
  • How to use Google Analytics to identify changes in demand for your products
  • How to create an action plan to deal with the impact.

Join David Reske on Wednesday, April 8th, at 12:00 PM to learn how to build a Covid-19 marketing early warning system. Register here.






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