Free PPC Consultation

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) on Google AdWords can be one of the most effective forms of search engine marketing when executed correctly. PPC advertising allows marketers to place their ads in front of search engine users when they conduct a web search for a keyword term related to their business. It is one of the best ways to drive specifically targeted traffic to your website to attract new leads and sales.

However, if paid search advertising is approached carelessly, you will not see the ROI that you expect from your advertising budget.  The success of a digital advertising campaign depends upon carefully planned strategy, daily monitoring, and a deep understanding of Google’s paid search algorithms. When you put your digital advertising budget in the hands of certified Google Premier Partners, you know that you will be running an optimal campaign backed by research and ongoing maintenance by a team of search marketing professionals.

Nowspeed’s free PPC consultation & competitive analysis is designed to identify opportunities that will immediately start cutting costs and increasing performance in your digital advertising campaigns. By filling out the form to the right, you will receive a custom report that addresses the following areas:

  • Campaign Architecture Audit
  • Keyword and Ad Copy Alignment
  • Quality Score
  • Competitive PPC Analysis-
    • What keywords are your competitors bidding on?
    • How much are they investing in PPC?
  • Targeting Options (location, time)
  • Additional Opportunities for improvement

To receive your Free PPC Consultation

Fill out the form to the right. You will receive a follow-up email within one business day to confirm Nowspeed’s review of your campaigns & the creation of your custom report.

Interested in starting a new PPC campaign? We can tailor your consultation to discuss your best opportunities for a new campaign as well.