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Free Content Consultation

Nowspeed Content Consultation

Content is king. In a global world where customers are more engaged with companies than ever before, it is paramount that you are publishing content that customers resonate with, when they want it. With blogging making everyone their own content publisher, only the best practices in content creation can ensure that you are being heard above the rest, and that your content is becoming recognized and trusted by current and potential clients alike. Does your content establish you as a thought leader, or is it lost among the static?

With a FREE Content consultation, Nowspeed can identify the weak links in your content strategy from content length to posting frequency, and everything in between.

By filling out the form on the right, you will receive a custom report that addresses the following areas:

  • Are your titles and excerpts following best practices?
  • How is your post readability? Is it enjoyable or thought provoking?
  • Is your post length adequate? Is it too “thin” or “dense”?
  • Do you post frequently enough and at optimal times of the day or week?
  • Are you using multimedia like images and videos to their greatest potential?
  • And more!

Nowspeed will analyze your posting history for FREE and will generate an easy-to-understand “SpeedView” scorecard highlighting your strengths, weaknesses, and how Nowspeed could help you become the thought leader in your industry.


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