Creating a High Performance Website

In oCreating a High Performance Website Whitepaperrder to create a high performance website, you need to fully optimize the experience for your audience so that they take the action you want. Websites often have many audiences, such as existing customers, potential employees, and even investors. In this paper we will focus on potential customers as the key audience for the website.

Most B2B companies want their website to convert visitors to leads, which usually happens when visitors fill out a form and give you their contact information, start a chat session, or call on the phone. For most B2C companies, the goal is to move the visitor quickly through the buying process so that they will make a purchase.

In our “Creating a High Performance Website” whitepaper, you will learn about:

  • Brand and Messaging
  • Information Architecture
  • Home page and Secondary Page Design and Architecture
  • Integrating Offers into the Site
  • Selecting a Content Management System
  • Building a Mobile Friendly Website
  • Website Analytics

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