Recommended Book – “Why Johnny Can’t Brand” by Bill Schley & Carl Nichols, Jr.

My colleague, Bob Cargill, loaned me this book. I’m sure glad he did because it’s a gem. The quality of your brand, whether you know it or not, is a huge component of your business’s success. The evolution of the Internet into open communities means that the market’s perception of your products and services carries more weight than ever before. Like it or not, the market’s power to shape and influence this perception is rapidly surpassing your own.

In a recession, it’s tempting to focus all marketing efforts on directly-measurable lead-generating channels—fill up that pipeline with a little old-fashioned marketing elbow grease and salesmanship. While all your competition is busy climbing up their sales funnel, think about the opportunity this presents to develop a real long-term competitive advantage; to climb down the funnel a few rungs and solidify your dominant selling idea (DSI). I personally guarantee that this will help you to acquire better quality prospects, more market share and a huge competitive advantage as the economy rebounds.

The term “branding” has a bad rap, partly because exploitative agencies have used the term too loosely in an effort to sell businesses on the “sizzle,” not the substance. Why? Because sizzle is big $$$ for an agency and a great way to show off creative talent in a high-visibility venue on your dime. The problem: Your potential customers don’t buy sizzle without substance, they buy substance that sizzles.

Branding isn’t your logo, your elevator pitch, your corporate colors, your website, etc. Your brand is your market’s perception of your products, services and company. When your best potential customer thinks about their unique pain and your industry, does your company automatically pop into their mind as the #1 solution to that pain? Does a competitor?

This book offers a simple eight-week process that you as a marketer (even if you have no special training in branding) can lead your company through, and come out after two short months with a dominant position to go to market with. It’s totally self-service, and only costs you the time and effort.

Anyone who owns a stake in their business’s success should read this book. At the very least, you’ll come out understanding your target market better. You’ll know the triggers that lead them to making purchasing decisions. Get this book on Amazon or from your local bookseller today. You won’t regret it.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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