Ad Copy Best Practices for Technology Companies

Ad Copy Best Practices for Technology Companies

The perfect AdWords campaign takes time and consideration- so take a moment and look back at that awesome list of relevant and highly searched keywords that apply to your business. It is crucial to use these keywords and incorporate them into compelling ad messaging!

Ad copy provides a valuable reason why someone should click on your ad and learn more about your company. How do you make an ad stand out from all that industry competition? Well, it is best practice to put yourself in the user’s shoes and include specific ad messaging that focuses on the user’s benefits and needs.  Don’t forget that these users have emotions, so it is also best practice to consider them and include emotional benefits that relate to your product. Top technology companies have been most successful using prices, promotions, or exclusive limited-time offers in their advertisement’s messaging.

Below you will see top company, AT&T, promote their offers in an effective and compelling way:

AT&T uses paid advertising to showcase and promote their different offers and products. The messaging in the ad emphasizes that you can shop and get incredible deals, which will empower customers to take action and increase the likelihood of a strong click-through rate. The ad then utilizes two sitelink extensions to promote their special limited time offers, “AT&T special offer” and “TV & Internet Bundles”. Sitelink extensions allow people to visit specific landing pages depending on the product or promotion they are most interested in. Always ensure that you match your ad to a corresponding landing page.  Ads with multiple extensions perform better because they are able to capture more useful information for different user’s needs. It is important to keep ad copy simple and easy to understand.

Worried that your ad copy still isn’t good enough? Google will tell you. Google uses a quality score and will grade your ad between 1 and 10. The goal is to score a ten, which means you have reached the highest quality and a lower cost. Writing an awesome PPC ad takes time and practice- use these tips and get started today!

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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