Optimize your Campaigns with these Email Marketing Best Practices

If you haven’t evaluated your email marketing campaign in some time, chances are that you’re missing out on a great opportunity to reach your best potential customers. With the wealth of information delivered to our inboxes every day, it’s critical that your message is both relevant and valued by your subscribers. You can effectively accomplish this by implementing some simple best practices:

You offer no value to a subscriber if you never reach their inbox. You can increase the likelihood that your message is received in a number of ways. First, it is important to keep your database clean. Scrub audience lists to remove invalid addresses, spam complainers and bounces. Next, stay out of the junk folder by including the address subscribers can expect your messages from in the header of your emails. Finally, avoid being marked as spam. Measure your Spam Score and preview how your campaigns render in multiple email clients before hitting send to ensure that message is recognized as high-value content.

Relevancy & Personalization:
Your customers signed up to receive your emails because they want to hear from you. But the information you send them must be relevant. Do you know your audience? How frequently would they like to hear from you? There’s a way to offer your subscribers the control they want: let them tell you through a Preferences Center. By allowing subscribers to define what material they’re interested in and when they want to receive it, you can customize the content to keep opt-out rates low and response rates high!

Although we’d like to believe our email campaigns are as effective as possible, chances are there’s room for improvement. Test your content frequently and use the results to optimize your emails. Boost open rates by testing your subject line to find the most appealing messaging. Increase landing page conversions by offering different calls-to-action. Since you’ve only got seconds to catch a subscriber’s attention, make it count! These metrics are powerful, but it’s important that the results are statistically significant before making final decisions on how to proceed with your campaigns based on testing.

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