Online Marketing: From Important to Vital

In a recent survey, Forrester asked 100 businesses about their spending plans for the upcoming recession.  While the respondents said that overall they were planning to cut marketing expenses, 45% of companies polled said that they planned to increase online marketing budgets while only 12% planned a decrease.  Why are they planning to grow online marketing?

The answer is clear.  Results and measurability.  When you do it well, online marketing produces results in a predictable and consistent way, and it allows you to see what spending is producing better results.  And you can get all of the metrics needed to help you make decisions to further improve results.

According to Josh Bernoff at Forrester, “Since interactive marketing programs are now fueled by measurable results, not dot-com madness, we believe that they can thrive in a recession.”

We live in a challenging environment where it’s vital to focus on what’s most effective first.  And as long as online marketing produces results that lead to sales revenue, it’s going to be critical for any business trying to grow during these challenging times.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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