October 28: How to Build Your Own Blog and Social Media Marketing Plan

As announced in this space last week, the first Nowspeed Network group meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 28 – from 8-10 AM – at the Westborough Business Park Conference Center in Westborough, MA.

During this event, of course, there will be plenty of time for those in attendance to make new connections with other like-minded marketing pros that could have an immediate – and ideally, lasting – impact on people’s businesses and careers.

But we also have a couple of presentations planned that we think everyone will enjoy.  First, Dave Reske and I will talk about the benefits of launching your own social media marketing program.  You’ll learn why you should blog – and yes, micro-blog using Twitter, too – and the steps you need to take to establish a strong presence in the blogosphere.  You’ll also find out why it pays to be an active and generous participant on such popular social networking sites as LinkedIn and Facebook.

But that’s not all.  As a very special guest presenter, Jennifer Brady, Director of Marketing at UMassOnline, will share her unique, firsthand experiences with us as one of the core team of bloggers on the UMassOnline Blog.

So if you haven’t already signed up to attend this event, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at info@nowspeed.com.

And if you are going to be there, we would love it if you could let us know in advance a little something about your social media marketing initiatives by posting your answers to the four questions below in a comment right here – right now – on our blog.

Thanks so much for your time and interest in the Nowspeed Network.

1. Does your organization have a blog or any social media presence at all?  If yes, please tell us about it.  If no, why not?

2. What are some of your biggest challenges when it comes to blogging for business and social media marketing?

3. What do you perceive as the biggest benefits of being an avid, practicing social media marketing pro?

4. What do you hope to learn at the Nowspeed Network meeting on October 28?

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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