Nowspeed Webinar: “How to Track Social Media Marketing Campaigns”

The title of our next webinar is simple.  And, contrary to popular belief, tracking the effectiveness of your social media marketing activity is too.

Whether your goal is branding, traffic, engagement or conversions, we’ll show you easy ways to start tracking and measuring your campaigns.  And sure, there are tools such as Radian6 and Nielsen BuzzMetrics, but if you’re looking to track the basics of your program, we’ll demonstrate how to use free tools such as Google Analytics, Google Reader and to measure unique activity from your social media efforts.

What’s more, we’ll also show how to map your specific goals to social media properties such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and discuss appropriate key performance indicators (KPI’s) for each property.
If you’d like to attend our complimentary one-hour webinar being held on Thursday, July 23 from 12 PM-1 PM EST, please visit our Social Media Marketing Webinar Registration Page.

For more social media strategies, check out our webinar, “How to Build your own Blog and Social Media Marketing Strategy”

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