Nowspeed Webinar: Click to Customer (C2C)

Marketing Results Stuck in the MudDo you feel like your marketing is generating a lot of activity but not enough results?

Many companies have expressed this sentitment to us and in response we have created a new marketing solution, Click-to-Customer(C2C) to address this issue.

C2C will help you connect the dots between all of your marketing activities so that you can quickly and easily see what works, and then make rapid adjustments to continuously improve the marketing process. C2C can dramatically improve your marketing program whether it is search, email, social or website marketing to deliver more clicks that drive new customers.



Join us for our C2C webinar: How to Score Marketing Touchdowns with a Click-to-Customer™ (C2C) Strategy hosted by David Reske and myself on Tuesday, December 13 at 1pm EST, 10am PST.

See you then.

Olivier Sartor

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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