New Customer Support Features for Twitter & Instagram

New Customer Support Features for Twitter and Instagram

How many times have you tried to call a business for customer service and been put on hold or forced to listen to that horrible elevator music? Social Media is here to help.

Major social media channels are making it easier for customers to interact with businesses. Twitter and Instagram have announced new changes that will transform the way customers interact with their favorite brands, and for business owners: a new way to engage with your customers. This is breaking away from the general email support, live chat messaging, or automated voice messages.

Social media started as a tool for personal life, but has crossed more and more into the business world. On Twitter, brands can now indicate that they provide support to followers. A unique identifier (shown below) lets users know that this company has customer service via Twitter, and that they are ready to listen. Brands can also provide hours of availability for support, so customers can get an idea of when they should hear back. Twitter has also recently added a prominent “Message” button that is displayed on the profile of the business if they choose to offer this support. You can enable this feature in the new “Customer Support Settings” page on Twitter.


On Instagram, users can now click a “contact” button and have easy access to things like directions to the business or sending an email for customer support. Now this does not offer anything different than if you just Googled the company, but it gives more exposure to familiar options on an application that is used by more than 300 million people per day. Businesses can also filter out offensive comments or automatically hide comments based on specific keywords. This provides a clean and safe experience for all. For larger companies this helps get rid of the negative comments that may come in, and for small businesses, it gives you an easy entry into the social media world knowing that there won’t be any negative comments made about your brand when you’re just starting out.


How does this help you?

Are you a customer? This will make you feel more secure and confident that you are purchasing a product or service from a business that you can trust. You can be confident that you will have easy access to ask them any questions you may have throughout the process, and can also easily see what other customers have said in the past.

Are you a business? This creates a new way to engage with your customers to provide them with personal support on one of their favorite platforms. Instead of having them phone into a call center, this keeps things light, personal, and allows your brand to build an identity of being helpful.

Social Media is growing and changing every single day and being successful means staying on top of customer interaction. When changes like this are made, we suggest that you hop on board and give your customers the option to engage. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the difference.

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