3 Ways To Boost Marketing Qualified Sales Leads Right Now For Your Company

Learn 3 essential ways digital marketing agencies use SEO to increase qualified sales leads for your company

When it comes to your website, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the art of driving the right traffic to your website through the use of keywords and phrases that indicate a user’s intent to purchase a product or sign up for services. By tweaking your current SEO and content to align with attracting the right traffic or creating new content with SEO in mind, here are some simple things to focus on. With SEO, the ultimate goal is to make sure that when someone does a relevant search, you are appearing on that first page. Using SEO, you can optimize your content and align it with your target audience. The most visited section of your website is typically your homepage. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect the other pages and their potential impact on creating those leads you desperately seek.

Just like a logline for a movie – you need a good headline to draw people in – the right ones. Creating compelling title tags, the clickable headlines that appear in the search results, is essential. These titles give the users a peek into the window to see if this a website, article, blog post, etc. that they want to visit. It is essential to get this right. The title tag is where you want to have targeted and specific keywords. That headline should match the user’s intent, and be the answer to their question.

When writing your title tag, you want to be clear with the message of your headline and you want to avoid duplicating tags included in other title tags on your site. The reason for this is that search engines will struggle to decide which page to select if there is more than one page on your website with the same title and description. Our search engine optimization services team recommends cleaning up your headlines and title tags to increase SEO optimization on your site. It won’t happen overnight, but you will notice a difference in giving SEO the attention it deserves.

Next comes your meta descriptions which fall below your title tag and give a summary of what to expect when you visit this particular page of the website. Like the title tags – this summary description should express the summary of the page. Again – our SEO services team recommends including relevant keywords and any you weren’t able to include in the title tag.

Including the vital keywords in the URL is also and is often a neglected aspect of SEO. Don’t use crazy long numbers. Clean it up. The URL should have the page title or keywords that are relatable to the content. The shorter the better when it comes to a performance comparison according to Google. One thing to avoid in URLs is using underscores, so stay with the standard of using hyphens to break out the keywords or title in the URL. And just like your pages, pay attention to your images and title them correctly to give them SEO value.

These little tips can make a big difference in your organic search traffic. Every page should get as much affection and attention if you want the intention. I think Mark Twain said that. But don’t quote me.

  • Title Tag – Hone Your Headline
  • Meta – Clear, Keyword Filled Description Tags
  • Be Original – Don’t Duplicate
  • Images Too
  • URL – Clean and Short URL


You always wanted to be a writer…but not like this. Help! If you are just starting a blog or you are trying to launch one for your company, here are some ways and reasons why doing a blog is a great thing. It provides a consistent reason why Google and other search engines will want to index your site on a more regular basis. This is going to help with your overall rankings for search. Blogs can result in a 434% increase in indexed pages and a 97% increase in indexed links according to DemandMetric

There is a reason why marketers rely on blogs as one of the many magnetic tools in their marketing arsenal. Businesses that make blogging a priority see 13 times the ROI compared to ones that don’t. The ultimate goal here is generating marketing qualified leads right? Well, companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads on a monthly basis than companies that don’t blog. To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog baby Blog!

A blog is one of the ways that you can stay current in the digital world. You can discuss topics and subject matter that resonates with your potential clients or customers. Write about what they care about. What is helpful? I have always come from a place of gaining knowledge, learning, and giving that away. Share that. If you have the expertise, then providing that guidance and understanding to someone when they need it most, gains trust in you and your company as being thought leaders in your industry and the end goal – someone they trust enough to buy from. No one wants to be sold. They want to buy because of the value your product or service provides.

Oftentimes, in connecting with our target audience, it is the basics that we need to get a handle on and create a strategy behind. The key is being consistent and if you have the capacity to employ the rest of your team to pitch in…think of the content. An army at your fingertips. Having an editor or moderator that will approve each of these gems will be necessary for continuity, quality of the content as well as consistency in the overall strategy and goals. Your team can write about case studies, best practices in the industry, etc. Have everyone contribute to writing a blog every other month. Suddenly, you have more content than you know what to deal with.

When it is time to sit down and decide what to write – you might have a blank stare and an empty mind. This is great for a Zen master…but you need to write. What are your competitors writing about? What are they not writing about? Create a blog around a popular search term or list of keywords in your industry. Looking at recent articles or industry-specific milestones that you can put your opinions and thoughts behind.

There are always ways to update and optimize your blog post too. Having images embedded in your blog can generate a 94% increase in views. A good blog post – will take several hours to research and write, so you want to allocate the necessary time and resources to compile a blog that provides some guidance and gives readers the answers they seek. Prepare to do your research. Or reach out to someone that has that information and create an interview or a Q & A session with a leader in your industry.  If you don’t have the time or manpower to develop your blog’s content, learn more about Nowspeed’s blog copywriting and content marketing services team. We can help you create content that will drive leads to your site!

And when it comes to blogs, it seems longer is better. Blogs with 2,000 words or more, according to OrbitMedia, see significant results for the extra effort.

Here are the essentials for a Magnetic Marketing Generating Lead Machine:

  • A Headline that Crushes
  • Content that Resonates with your Target Audience
  • Good Graphics
  • Keywords that Align with Relevant Searches
  • Give Away Information and Knowledge that Helps
  • Go Long


You are a marketer. You know how to brand. You are creative and come up with some amazing ideas…and boy do you know how to execute. You can execute in your sleep. But there’s a problem. A serious one. Your sales manager is in desperate need of more marketing qualified leads. As a matter of fact, sales are down big time. Your CEO just gave you a weird look when you walked by. “Oh no. Panic mode.” you hear your inner voice mumble. You head straight to your office to figure this one out.

The company’s message is on point – you know who you want to target, you know where they are spending their time. But you don’t have the right place to send them. Your new website won’t be ready for a few months. Or maybe even longer. Gulp.

Listen – you are not alone. 61% of online marketers say generating traffic and leads is their biggest challenge. But there’s a solution, even if you only have a couple of weeks to plan and with Q2 right around the corner, 2021 hasn’t been so fruitful. Time to manifest some gorgeous landing pages. The gift that keeps on giving. But the catch is – you have to think of mobile design first. Just think of your own browsing and search habits. What device are you using? So, ultimately the design needs to be suited for desktop and mobile – but don’t disregard that design and hope that it just magically converts. Jumbled copy and graphics and other elements missing because you didn’t take the time to review the different device sizes can be a killer on ad spend.

You are going to need some help internally from your already drained team. You might need to call in reinforcements and hire an agency. Here’s how not to waste any more time and get the ball rolling. You want leads! So, getting them to show up is one thing, getting them to leave “Proof of Life” is another! In order to get them to leave their contact information, having a beautifully designed landing page is a great place to start. Your current website looks like it hasn’t aged that well, so a good landing page can be a bridge until your website is completed.

A landing page is so effective for marketing a product or service. A common practice when someone is searching, they will search for a company via a market or vertical. If you provide a wide variety of market or vertical-specific products. You will want to create a landing page for each for SEO purposes and the message and pain points may alter from each.

According to HubSpot, the number of landing pages can generate a lot of leads for your company. Companies that have 30 or more landing pages generate 7 times more leads than those with fewer than 10. You have to start somewhere. Start with one and build from there. 48% of marketers are building out a new landing page for each of their marketing campaigns, per SERPSTAT. Cramming multiple offers and calls to action on one page can kill your conversion rate because it creates confusion. Keep it simple.

Homepages and websites, in general, are designed for exploration, whereas a landing page is a guide to push the prospect towards a specific CTA, Call-To-Action. A well-organized and sticky landing page highlights features and solutions your personas are searching for online. Your Headline should be that stickiness. Your prospect should realize they have found their solution. There is a reason they call them “Landing Pages”. We don’t want a potential customer touching down, or worse, flying right over and then taking off to find another runway to put their project plane. The content on this page – must connect your potential prospects with their pain points, highlighting you and your company and the solution to their problem.


With the proper keywords, you can get the prospects further down the funnel to the closing stage, instead of at the top. Companies that use well-defined middle-of-the-funnel (MoFu) engagement and lead-management strategy generate a 4 to 10 times higher response rate than generic email blasts and outreach. The customer’s “main points” are usually their “pain points”. Connect those dots and you can push the lead into the purchase stage. We typically start searching for some help on Google or Bing, seeking advice and what to do next when we are at our early stages…and last stages when we have run out of ideas.

You want to have a call to action, one call to action, which is above the fold on the new landing page. But – I see an opportunity wasted if you don’t provide enough sustenance in the form of context and content further down the page. Why are they giving their information? Why your company, your solution, and not someone else? Don’t just take my word for it. According to marketing experiments, Long landing pages can generate up to 220% more leads than above-the-fold call-to-action!

Make it easy for them to leave their information in 30 seconds. 3 to 5 fields tops. 3 is ideal. But to get to this point where…You got ‘em…you need to tell them the story through the success of your customers and clients, not just the keywords.

This is a sweet spot to place a customer testimonial – otherwise known as “social proof”. It can be a quote and if you are lucky enough – a good quality video to help spread the story of your successes. I hear you. What about video loads? Won’t people just jump off? Today, that’s less of an issue. The facts are, according to eyeview, using videos on landing pages can improve your conversions by…86%! That’s huge!

Here’s another amazing idea…how about you leave your contact information on that landing page? What if someone doesn’t want to have their contact information sitting around in your database all weekend long. This is where your sales team will chant your name like you are a Rockstar in Q3…by providing some option beyond a chatbot – something alive and breathing – your sales rep. We hope that they will leave their contact information. At the very least, an opportunity to leave a designated email address, phone number connecting a prospect to your Sales Director or someone ready to close. Nothing better than a fresh, hot breakfast of leads on a Monday morning to munch on.

The secret is simple enough, it is aligning those keywords and questions that your persona would be asking. These landing pages can be primed for your upcoming campaign, with the copy curated to your future client’s specifications. These landing pages can live on, beyond the campaign to become a super-charged SEO machine. They can be invisible to your normal website traffic, isolated, and connected only via an ad campaign or social link. Or they can be isolated product pages connected to your website with the function of being a Digital Venus Flytrap for the right searchers at the right time.

Elements of a Great Landing Page:

  • Eye-Popping Headline
  • Content that Resonates with Your Personas
  • One Call To Action
  • Social Proof
  • Simple Lead Capture Form
  • Additional Contact Information

Do all of the above with your SEO, blog, and landing pages and you will see how these changes can really impact the amount and quality of leads. If this is starting to feel a bit overwhelming and an undertaking you might not have the bandwidth in-house, Nowspeed is the digital marketing agency for you! Our SEO services team can get you into shape and take a look at other areas where you might be limited in your abilities to make the right adjustments. An agency is a resource that many companies are beginning to realize they could have used a long time ago.

Reach out to Nowspeed if you are looking for a digital marketing agency to help build out your SEO plan to secure more qualified sales leads.

PS – When writing a Blog Post – over 2,000 words perform better. Current word count 2,590. Just saying.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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