Lead Nurture Campaign Step 7 – Manage and Optimize the Lead Nurture Program

Once you have the strategy in place, the content created, and the system designed, it’s time to start using it. You can kick off the campaign with your in-house email list and start watching as emails get sent to new people who register on your website.

The software will give you all of the reporting you’d expect from an email system such as open rate, click through rates, opt-out and conversion rates.  Based on this data, you should continuously work to improve the program by removing emails and offers that are not performing well, and testing new content.  You can also see if entire segments are not performing as well as others, and redesign the strategy for that group if necessary.

A fully implemented lead nurture program gives you the ability to quickly and easily follow-up with leads in a way that naturally moves them through the buying cycle.  If designed properly, it will increase the number of quality leads and sales, and enable you to be as thorough as possible in communicating with your potential customer, all with much less time and effort than is required from traditional marketing techniques.

For more insight to help you build a complete Lead Nurture program, download the entire white paper here.

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