Lead Nurture Campaign Step 1 – Market Segmentation

The most important step in building your Lead Nurture Program is correctly segmenting your market and lists. Before you sign the license agreement for a new marketing automation tool and create the PO, you’ll need to think about the audience for the campaign.  Are you going to focus on prospects who’ve signed up on your website, prospects generated by your sales team, an existing list of prospects, current or new customers?  Each of these audiences has a different relationship with your company and specific needs.

You may also want to look at different segments within these groups.  Will the campaign be more effective if you address them by industry, or by their job function or level within the organization?

Your sales team does this very naturally, so you may want to interview them to see how it’s done.  Before the best sales people deliver their pitch, it’s natural for them to ask a series of questions so that they can respond with a message that is specifically tailored to the prospect.  Marketing automation can follow this process so that it happens quickly and easily without human intervention. This way, your sales team can spend their time closing deals and working with their best customers.

Once you identify the segments you want to focus on, you’ll know the data you need to get from prospects in order to personalize information for them.   For example, if you want to personalize your messages by industry, job function or size of company, you’ll need to collect this data and organize your lists accordingly.  Good segmentation will also help you develop a content plan for emails and offers that are personalized to each segment.

By identifying all of the segments you want to focus on, you will be able to create a strategy to collect the data you need and build the content necessary for a complete Lead Nurture program.

For more insight to help you build a complete Lead Nurture program, download the entire white paper here.

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