Lead Generation Tips: How to Create Landing Pages that Convert

Lead Generation Tips: How to Create Landing Pages that Convert

The success of your online lead generation efforts depends on your ability to drive users to a page that inspires them to provide their contact information in exchange for your offer. Driving traffic to a landing page can be simple, but successfully motivating users to take action on a landing page is the key to generating more leads and sales. Learn how to create landing pages that convert by following the five tips below.

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Align Offer with Needs of Your Target Audience

A high converting landing page starts with a compelling offer. This can include a whitepaper, webinar, e-book, free consultation, product giveaway, etc. The most important aspect of an effective lead-generating offer is alignment with the needs of your target audience. Create offers that specifically address the needs of your target market, whether it is through a piece of informational content, or a service such as a free consultation. Consider the stage of the buying cycle that they are likely to be in. If your goal is to fill the top of your sales funnel with many prospective customers, an early-stage offer such as a whitepaper can help prospects in the research phase learn more about your products and services. If you aim to reach prospects closer to the end of the buying cycle, consider promoting a demo, consultation, or assessment as your offer. Most importantly, speak to the needs of your audience, and provide a valuable offer that is worth providing their contact information to receive.

Strategic Content

Once users reach your landing page, you have a short window to capture and keep their attention before they decide to leave the page. For this reason, you must use enticing copy, formatted in a way that clearly conveys the features and benefits of your offer. This starts with captivating headlines that immediately clarify what is being offered on the page. Provide more information in a clear, concise way with easy-to-scan copy using bullets and call-outs. If possible, use persuasive graphics to display your message visually as well. If you are driving users to your landing page via PPC advertising on Google or Bing, it will be very important to use keyword rich content. Including the keywords that you are bidding on in your landing page copy will provide your ads with a better Quality Score, reducing your cost per click and increasing your average ad position. Keyword rich content has benefits beyond PPC advertising as well, since it will also help your page be found through organic search results when users search for your targeted keywords. Pay close attention to the copy you use on your landing page and take a strategic approach to testing different messaging in order to create a high converting landing page.

Prominent CTAs

You have brought a user to your landing page, they have read your persuasive content, and now they are ready to request your offer. It would be a shame to lose a potential lead at this point because they are unsure what to do on your page! Be sure to include prominent calls-to-action (CTAs) on the page that direct users to the form field, button, or other action that they need to take. Test different CTAs to find out which works best. Do users respond better to “Get It Now!”, “Submit”, or “Go!”? Does the size or color of the CTA increase the landing page conversion rate? Include prominent CTAs on your landing page, then test different variations to create the highest converting landing page possible.

Streamlined Form Fields

The less form fields you have on your page, the more likely you are to acquire form submissions. Try to include the minimum amount of form fields that are necessary for your business.  Requesting first name, last name, and email address is a good start. If you have trouble with generating good quality leads, and users are submitting fake email addresses, consider sending the offer to users via their submitted email address after the form is completed. If they are strongly interested in your offer, they will input their correct email address in order to receive it. Try to avoid asking for phone numbers as a required form field, as this can be a conversion killer. Most people can relate to being scared off by a lengthy, time-consuming form, so make it easy for users to convert on your landing page by keeping it short.

Limited Navigation

Since you have such a short time to capture a user’s interest and convert them from an unknown visitor into a lead, landing pages should use limited navigation. If your landing page has too many links directing them to other pages, users are more likely to leave the page before they convert. Using limited navigation on your landing page helps visitors stay focused on your offer instead of leaving the page to explore other parts of your website.

Follow these five best practices and you will be on your way to creating high-converting landing pages that drive your digital marketing lead generation efforts. Create a compelling offer that is aligned with your audience’s needs, sell it with strategic, keyword-rich content, include prominent CTAs on the page, use streamlined form fields, and apply limited navigation. Once you have these basics, begin A/B testing different variables on your landing page to see the impact on your conversion rates. Learn more about landing page development and digital advertising services here.

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