Your Exceptional Landing Page Checklist To Maximize Lead Generation

Your company’s landing pages should be exceptional. Why? Because they’re where your marketing dollars become sales leads, transactions, community members or whatever you define to be the ultimate goal of your campaigns.

Be sure to ask yourself the following to determine if you’re maximizing the effectiveness of your landing pages and taking full advantage of your offer’s ability to encourage a transaction:

1) Is your offer aligned with the needs of your target audience? Your offer should compelling to your prospects in consideration of where they are in the buying cycle.

2) Is your offer overly self-serving in subject matter? Your landing page offer should promise real value to your visitor with highly relevant, current and useful information, actionable content or functionality.

3) Are you violating the rule of even exchange by asking your visitor for too much? You shouldn’t have more than eight form fields to fill out, or a multi-step checkout process. Ask yourself if you if having those extra fields or steps are necessary. Make sure that you are not asking for information that is potentially irrelevant or unnecessary. A landing page is not the place to do extensive lead qualification.

4) Are you conveying the full value of your offer? Have you checked whether the images of the offer, call-outs and examples provide important information or functionality? Make sure your offer looks appealing and of high value.

5) Are the headlines, copy and graphics arresting and persuasive? Can you make offer do a better job of selling the visitor on the offer?

To read more crucial steps for your landing page checklist, please download our free white paper, “Unlock the Secrets of Exceptional Landing Pages.”


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    Thanks for this useful information. excellent post with great resources! This is by far one of the most comprehensive posts i’ve seen here and look forward to more.

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    Great checklist to go over with clients. Are most of your clients including their “contact us for a quote” conversion with the “whitepaper download” conversion?

    I have had several difficult conversations around clients expecting and only wanting web leads to be HOT…ie call me now I want your solution which in a complex btob sale isnt as often as they like.


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      Thanks for the comment James! Typically we do not include the “contact us” along with the “whitepaper download” mainly because we want to make it as simple as possible for the user to understand the goal of the landing page. By having just one call to action people are not confused with which action to take. In my experience, it’s very difficult to get all HOT leads…you need to warm them up and this can take a while especially in the B2B industry.

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