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It’s amazing how so much attention can be focused on designing the best Subject Lines, Opt-in copy, Google ads, or e-newsletter content to drive more leads to your website. But are you giving the same attention to the pages where prospects “land” once they click through? The bad new is that poorly designed landing pages can sabotage lead generation efforts. The good news is that, by making just a few improvements to your landing page content, functionality and design, you could dramatically improve your conversion rate.Here are Nowspeed’s Top 5 Landing Page Tips, based on both industry Best Practices and our internal testing, that you can easily incorporate into your landing page design:

Tip #1: Stay Campaign-Consistent

Landing pages are literally where a prospect “lands” when clicking through to an offer. Is it a “smooth” landing, or do they feel as if they may have been abruptly dropped in Oz? Landing page graphics and copy should be consistent with the originating lead generation campaigns. Too many times marketers use generic landing pages that look more like their web site than their outbound piece, so there’s a visual disconnect when clicking through. Are prospects getting there through a highly designed opt-in piece? The banner on the landing page should follow through with the design and copy concepts, with a call to action that’s consistent with the opt-in headline promise. How about a Google text ad? Headline copy should reinforce Google copy. Think of your landing page as the final, all-important “call to action” of your campaign, and design graphics and headlines that complement, not compete, with your original creative.
Tip #2: Start Stripping

Extraneous links, that is. Don’t make the mistake of creating landing pages replete with website links, with the assumption that the prospect may want to “learn more” before registering for your offer. They may likely do that, but then never to return back to the offer. The better place to put relevant links such as product information, company information, etc. is on the Thank you page, after they’ve filled out the form for your offer.

Tip #3: Make Offers Valuable and Vivid

In other words, “tangibilize the offer.” For marketers, this is common sense advice, yet we’ve seen many a landing page that doesn’t draw the interested party in with graphics and copy that communicate offer value. Sell your offer by: 1) providing a short concise synopsis of what benefits the reader will derive from your offer, 2) including a graphic of the offer, and 3) for content-related offers, providing a intro paragraph (think Amazon book-browsing.)

Tip #4: Be Form-Friendly

Have you ever gone through the process of filling out an online form, only to abandon it after receiving “Incomplete” messages after you’ve hit the “Submit” button? Or maybe you never even bothered because the amount of information required was just too much? Don’t let these “form faux pas” foul up your conversion rate. Make sure: 1) that your form is as short as possible, 2) that the user knows EXACTLY what is required information and what is not, 3) that you include a short privacy policy before the “Submit” button. and 4) that you make the process is as painless as possible, while ensuring you get the relevant information you need. Speaking of “Submit,” please don’t use it. Make your button copy as compelling as the rest of the landing page copy. How about “Get your free resource now?” 
Tip #5 Location, Location, LocationIndependent eye-tracking studies have shown that landing pages have “hot spots” or specific areas where the eye tends to gravitate. Generally, humans tend to scan from left to right, and top to bottom, which means that what you put on top and to the right is the stuff most likely to be viewed. Also, eyes are drawn to pictures (see Tip #3), especially to faces, so use them to draw the user in. In general, make your landing page “pleasing to the eye,” and you’ll likely improve response rates.Take the Landing Page Challenge

While we are very confident that the above tips will dramatically improve your conversion rates, don’t take our word for it. Use your existing landing page as a control, and develop a new one based on these 5 tips. Then, run a split on your next mailing, and measure which landing page performs better. But don’t stop there. Keep revisiting your landing page functionality and design to see how you can improve it, and keep testing. Continuous landing page testing is the best way to ultimately land more customers.



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