Is Your Website Optimized for Demand Generation? Branding & Messaging: Post 2 of 9

Conventional branding wisdom is being challenged everyday by web 2.0 and the new Internet. Organizations and their products are more transparent than ever, even if they don’t want them to be (for better or worse). If a business is making a claim about itself, and not delivering, you better believe that it is being discussed and shared somewhere: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc. Though it was always the truth, now it’s more obvious than ever that your brand isn’t what you think about your products and services, its what the market thinks. You can take advantage of the market’s ability to quickly shape and control that brand image. But if your website isn’t in line with the market’s key purchase criteria, and your not setting visitor’s expectations correctly, you’re more vulnerable than ever to brand denigration. How can you tell if your website falls into this category? Here’s a few easy questions to ask yourself, your employees & coworkers, your customers and potential customers:

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