Social Media + Results

Are you leveraging the right combination of social media
channels and tools to engage a large group of your best prospects?

Are you leveraging the right combination of social media channels and tools to engage a large group of your best prospects?

According to Wikipedia, social media marketing is “a form of Internet marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media. Most programs involve some form of building an idea or brand awareness, increasing visibility, encouraging brand feedback and dialogue as well as possibly selling a product or service.”

But what is the definition of engaging social media marketing? Just how do you leverage the seemingly infinite array of social media tools, utilities, platforms and channels to engage in deep, mutually-beneficial relationships with those who are like-minded, supportive and interested in doing business with you and your organization?

At Nowspeed, a leading social media marketing agency, we know that savvy social media marketing is performed best by thought leaders and inveterate readers, people who value listening and learning as much as teaching others about their own respective areas of expertise. Their social media activity is really just an extension – better yet, an encapsulation – of who they are already. It is their online profile, their individual brand identity, an aggregation of everything they are as human beings and professionals.

Engaging social media marketing is using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other SMM channels to listen and communicate with others in order to learn, grow, relate and, yes, ultimately, become more successful in your business-related endeavors.

The benefits of using social media effectively are multitudinous, including:

  • Increased credibility and enhanced reputation
  • Higher page rankings among search engines
  • Bigger pool of knowledge and insight
  • New PR and business opportunities
  • More relationships, contacts and friends
  • Additional traffic, leads, attention and buzz
  • Greater professional growth and education

The team of experts at our social media marketing agency goes to great lengths to practice the social media marketing strategies we preach, keeping active ourselves in the blogosphere, the Twitterverse and elsewhere on the social web. We know from our own experience what an organization needs to do in order to establish a successful presence online, including:

  • Establishing a Profile
  • Building a Community
  • Leading Conversations
  • Posting Notes
  • Conducting Polls
  • Staging Contests and Events
  • Displaying Work
  • Deploying Widgets and Applications
  • Sharing Links to Articles
  • Posting Video, Audio and Pictures
  • Starting and Joining Groups
  • Asking and Answering Questions
  • Posting Status Updates
  • Distributing Presentations
  • And Much, Much More

See for yourself just how much a social media marketing agency such as Nowspeed can help you leverage social media to market your products and services. Request a free consultation today or read our 14 Steps to Social Media Success white paper.