If content is king, where does this leave your reader?

Sure, SEO success is goal of every great web copywriter. But in our dogged pursuit of appealing to search engines, it’s possible we may have left something by the wayside: our readers (who are also our customers, prospects and supporters). Readers don’t care how many keyword phrases appear in your 325 words of content. They simply need information and your site is the one they’ve landed on to find it.

SEO copywriting that appeals to readers and search engines alike is possible and provides the best results if you follow a few simple rules:

Readability:  Clear headlines with a clean message is best, followed by text that actually supports it. Long copy blocks? Forget about them. Break that dense info into shorter paragraphs with bulleted lists and include relevant links if you can. It’s easy on the eyes and easy for readers to scan—and gives you ample opportunity for keyword placement.

Relevance: Your content needs to support your keyword for SEO. But content that’s relevant and informative will keep readers coming back to your site for more. Write for reader content first and SEO second. It’s easy to find creative ways to work those keyword phrases in. But turning readers off (and away) is a big mistake that’s difficult to correct.

Ratio: 250 words on a page is plenty of content for the average reader to digest. And, if you keep your keyword density to 6%, your SEO will be happy, too. Need more text? Consider a daughter page that links off the main page for more detail. Everyone will be happy and SEO will be right on target.

Reward: SEO success is rewarded with high search rankings. Reward your readers, too, with a worthwhile web experience that leaves a lasting impression—and ensures frequent site visits. Entertain them. Educate them. Challenge them. Support them. The riches of your reader-focused web content are sure to have many rewards.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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