How to Use AdWords Scripts to Optimize Paid Search Performance

How to Use AdWords Scripts to Optimize Paid Search Performance

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What Are AdWords Scripts?

AdWords scripts provide the opportunity to automate, customize and control your AdWords account with a simple JavaScript code. Scripts allow account managers to go beyond the provided tools in AdWords by leveraging external factors.

Why Should I Use Them?

No matter what industry a business falls in, there are external factors that can influence performance and skew profitability. Utilizing AdWords scripts opens the opportunity to leverage these external factors to influence your paid search costs. Integrate your business demand and paid search initiatives to improve paid search ROI.

Top 5 Scripts to Consider:

  1. Weather Based Campaign Management:

This script allows your account to leverage an external weather API. By utilizing Google Sheets, you create a spreadsheet which states the campaign, location, weather condition and applied bid modifier. If your business demand is influenced by the weather, this script creates a competitive advantage to help your campaign spend aggressively when demand is high and bid conservatively when conversion rates are low.

  1. TV Schedule Bid Coordination:

This script is the perfect opportunity for brands to leverage other media sources with their AdWords spending. For example, if you run television commercials and you know that users will react by searching for your brand – you can utilize this script to leverage real-time searches with a customized offer and message.

Check out the guide to this script here:

  1. A/B Testing

Set up an experiment and run A/B tests with your AdWords account through this script. Start your experiment by creating two campaigns; Variant A (control) and Variant B (experiment). From here, the script will evenly rotate the two campaigns every hour to share traffic. Once this experiment reaches a statistically significant difference you will have actionable data to improve your paid search performance.

  1. 24 Hour Bidding Schedule: Bid 24 times a day, 7 days a week.

Maximize the efficiency of your AdWords account by optimizing your bids in accordance to ROI and conversion rates. Standard ad scheduling in Google allows you to set up to 6 bidding windows in one day. If you find the standard setting limiting your account – this script is the answer for you.

  1. Monthly Budget Limit:

The current method for spending your budget in Google AdWords is through setting daily budget limits. However, majority of accounts are run off a predetermined monthly budget. Therefore, this script is beneficial to ensure that your monthly expenses do not exceed your budget. This script is especially useful for agencies who are monitoring multiple AdWords accounts.

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