How To Integrate SEO Data With Your Blog To Make A Greater Impact

How To Integrate SEO Data With Your Blog To Make A Greater Impact

Writers and SEO analysts don’t often work closely together resulting in missed opportunities to improve SEO results.

A very important part of every SEO plan is keyword research.  To find the best keywords for your organization you need to find words and phrases that have enough search volume to matter, are not too competitive and are a good fit for your business.  When you understand the best keywords, you can optimize content based on what the search engines want to see, while maintaining user readability and understanding. 

Often blog writers take the opposite approach. They are not interested in keywords, they are interested in the hottest or most insightful topics for their readers. This can help you create great content, but it does not necessarily help you gain better SEO results.  If your blog writers are writing independently of your SEO strategy, you are missing the chance to get better visibility and traffic on your target keywords.Integrated SEO Blogging

The solution is to integrate your SEO data with your blog content strategy.

Blog writers should have a core group of SEO keywords in front of them each time they write an article. This will help them create better topics and integrate the most important keywords into the headlines and copy of each article. This does not cost any more than creating blog content, but it will enable your content to be found and drive your organic traffic.

SEO experts often maintain a large list of target keywords for your company and can easily share the list with the blog team, but this is not enough. These lists are often too large and too confusing for blog writers. The SEO team needs to provide just a few keywords that are most important and manageable for the writers to integrate each month. Once the articles have been written and published on the blog, they can also share the SEO impact that their content is making to encourage the bloggers to continue writing keyword enriched articles.

By breaking down barriers between the SEO team and blog writers, you will be able to make a much greater impact with less effort.

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