How to Incorporate eNewsletters into your Content Strategy

If you and your company struggle to find fresh, new content that you can not only frequently post to your website, but also optimize for search engines, it might serve well you to look right below your nose at your eNewsletter strategy for help.

eNewsletters already contain valuable information that you share with your email lists on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc., basis. Well, this information can and should be leveraged on your website to help increase the quantity and frequency of new content. Here are a few, simple suggestions on how you can incorporate this one piece of content into your search engine optimization plan:

  • Archived eNewsletters: Once you send your eNewsletter, what happens to the content? Create an “Archived eNewsletter” section on your website and post it in PDF format (including all live links) or as text. Depending on your distribution frequency, you could easily add new content on a monthly basis to your website, and we all know Google loves refreshed content.
  • Potential Blog Posts: Chances are, your eNewsletter has great content whether it’s a featured offer such as an eBook, a news headline, an interview, etc., that could potentially be used on your blog. Break up your eNewsletter content into a blog post format and suddenly you’ll find you have a handful of potential posts.
  • Link Building: And last, but not least, now that you have all this great content on your website, you now have stronger potential to build your link popularity. Submit your new blog posts to social bookmarking sites, start talking about them on social media, and build the number of links that point back to your site.

And remember, for all of this new site content, follow your standard SEO strategy by including your target keywords, tagging all key page elements, and leveraging your internal linking strategy to turn this easy to follow plan into a successful optimization program.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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