How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy: Link Building

When it comes to having an effective SEO plan, inbound links is a very important part of the search engine’s algorithm, which determines how your keywords will rank in the organic search results. Each link is essentially a vote for your site’s content. And the more votes your site has, the more popular you’ll be in search engine results.

It is very important, therefore, to get as many high quality inbound links pointing to the most important pages of your website as possible. When you build links, make sure that you use keyword seeded anchor text across multiple web sites to increase your inbound links. You can get links by signing up with directories, issuing press releases, getting partners to link to you, linking from your own microsites, posting on social media sites, etc. There is an almost limitless amount of ways for you to get links, but all of them take time and effort. As you build links, keep track of how Google views your link building progress through Google webmaster tools, to make sure you are focused on getting links that will make a difference.

Don’t forget to include internal links to your most important pages to help spiders easily identify which pages they should pay closer attention to. Visitors will also benefit from internal linking since you’ll be promoting related or more in-depth information on a given topic. Also don’t forget to optimize your anchor text on these internal links as well. To learn additional techniques to rank better on search engines, please download our white paper, “How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy.





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