How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy: Importance of Conducting Keyword Research

This is Part of our Blog Series: How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy. Previously, we covered; What is SEO? and SEO Goals and What’s Important to Google

Once you have established  your SEO goals, you should determine the most effective keywords for placement on your website—words that have low competition and high search traffic, and that are highly relevant to your business.

It’s advisable to start with dozens or even hundreds of potential keywords and then get data on keyword traffic and competition in order to make decisions about the best keywords to focus on. You can also get data from your website analytics program or a paid search marketing program to see which keywords are not only driving traffic, but are also driving leads or sales. You can also see which keywords you are already ranking on, and focus on improving existing organic search term visibility. For example, if you are showing up on the middle of the second page for a particular keyword, it will be much easier to improve visibility and get on the first page, than to take a keyword that you are not ranking for at all, and become visible.

It’s challenging to make decisions about the best keywords to use with all of this data, but since these decisions will drive the success of the rest of the program, it’s critical to do it well. To learn additional techniques to rank better on search engines, please download our white paper, “How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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