How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy: How to Develop Keyword Plans for your Website

Once  you’ve chosen the keywords, you’ll need to develop a plan to integrate them into your website. In this process, you will need to insert the keywords into the HTML and body copy of the page. The common HTML tags to focus on are the URL, title tag, description tag, alt tag, H1 Tag and body copy.

It’s important to insert the keywords enough times to make the content seem relevant, but not enough times to seem to be “spamming” the search engines. If Google decides that you are trying to trick them, they could blacklist you so that you don’t show up at all on the search engines. One way to see how many times to insert the keyword into each tag is to look at the top organic results for that keyword and see how long their copy is for each tag and how many times they’ve used the keyword in each tag. This will give you a sense of what the search engines think is important for each keyword.

If this sounds like a very detailed process, you are right. In order to do this well, you need to match at least one web page to every keyword you are focused on, and then write copy for all of the different tags mentioned above that include the keyword.

Taking the time to  do SEO copywriting and HTML implementation correctly  is a critical step in the process of making your website more visible to the search engines. To learn additional techniques to rank better on search engines, please download our SEO white paper, “How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy.

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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