Great Content Accelerates Lead Generation: Survey Results

Developing great content is one of the most important aspects of marketing today and our recent survey results support this fully.  Participants were asked to rate the success of the content they use in lead generation activities on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being the worst, 5 the best).  The top contenders were white papers (3.43), case studies (3.41), and webinars (3.31).  Falling to the bottom were free trials (3.16) and eBooks (2.15).  Providing excellent and relevant content to potential buyers establishes you as an expert and authority.  In turn, this creates brand loyalty, improves retention, focuses attention, and generates leads.  Engaging new and existing customers by educating them is a great way to build relationships- you become a thought leader and industry expert.  Each type of content marketing has its own pros and cons, as well as specific uses.  One rule: be sure to keep content fresh and vital.

Here are several great ways to use each of these types of content:

  • White papers. The purpose of white papers is to provide customers with information about, or solutions to, problems they might have. They serve in establishing thought leadership and expertise by showing how you can help. Some believe that providing too much information can be detrimental, others that it can be a way to capture attention and draw in audiences.
  • Case studies. Using case studies, you are giving valuable content about your company and it shows customers the potential your company has to help. It exemplifies your problem solving skills and the impact you’ve had on customers.
  • Webinars. Like white papers, webinars provide information that promotes thought leadership. Unlike white papers, webinars can offer a valuable chance at interaction with, and feedback from, potential and existing customers as well as others in your field.

We would love to hear more feedback about your successful-or unsuccessful- use of content in your marketing campaigns.

David Reske

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