Google Analytics Adds New Features

The team over at Google has been busy these last few weeks. Google has been adding new features and functionality into its free Analytics platform. The latest announcement adds 7 new features which data geeks, marketers and business intelligence folks would agree will help provide more insight and answer more of those pesky ” so what is really happening on our website” questions.

More Goals

Finally Google heard us, and have provided the ability to track more goals – 20 to be exact. Google is also allowing profiles to track new goals as well as engagement metrics that include time spent on site and pages viewed per a visit.

Intelligence Alerts

The analytics team has also expanded its intelligence alert function and will send an automatic email when a predefined milestone is achieved. These alerts can also be displayed within the intelligence section.

Unique Visitor Reporting

Google segmentation is becoming more refined and now you can apply a unique visitors segmentation (by cookies) to any dimension and have a true account of the actual visitors to a website.

Mobile Reporting

More and more mobile browsers are visiting websites and performing searches, and Google wants webmaster and business owners to know how their sites are performing. By adding server side code to your PHP, JSP, PERL, or ASPX mobile websites, analytics now provides a solution for you to track non-Java-Script enabled phones.

More Custom Variables

With the new custom variables feature, Analytics is now more flexible and allows for more customization to site usage data that is applicable to your core business. You can more easily define and track visitors according to attributes be it visitor attributes (member or non-member), session attributes (logged in or out), or even page-level attributes (website section viewed).

Advanced Analysis

Wanna take a deeper look at your data? Just add a secondary dimension to the data you are looking at and gain even more insight. See which keywords are used to drive visits by city or use the advanced filtering functionality to see which of those visits lasted more than 1 minute.

Share Segments and Custom Reports

And the last new feature from Google Analytics… you can now share the custom reports and advanced filters you create with the world. By sharing a link, any Google Analytics profile can import the pre-formatted template and apply the same custom report and to their own data.

Google has made their free tool even better – thanks Google for listening.

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