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I believe the day AdWords changed my life was the day I found out that AdWords made it possible to market products and/or services by placing a targeted advertisement on the Internet directed towards a specific audience with the ability to control and manage all activities in real time and report the results on a spreadsheet.

Since that day, I have learned that AdWords has not only helped us marketers use all the niche targeting we learned about and spent too much money for in college, but has also motivated an entire industry by setting a standard far higher than any other paid search interface can provide. Reaching out to a specific audience that is looking for you with the ability to change quickly is the marketing opportunity of a lifetime.

The usability of AW and the amount of control is phenomenal. A change sometimes within seconds and immediate visibility in a geo-targeted fashion is limited only by a lack of a will to succeed and a decent credit card. I have yet to hear a complaint about any customer satisfaction problems either, so if this Google thing is bulletproof we might as well use it to its fullest potential today. We have the ability to display messages to people that are looking for us, which should be placed on the totem pole of marketing just below word-of-mouth.

No wonder the industry is growing by the billions. It really is a new highway full of people seeing what is out there and AdWords provides outstanding billboards on stretches of road that people love to drive… and drive often. Google dominates the level of simplicity to access information quickly.

Putting advertisements on the first page of a search on the biggest search engine in the world with this much control is something no marketing tool to date can match.

AdWords ROCKS!

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