Global Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is sweeping the nation and smart companies are jumping on the bandwagon to reap the benefits.

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are great tools for networking and building brand reputation by exposing the culture and lifestyle of a previously closed-door company. But what is increasingly becoming second nature to Corporate America is a whole different ballgame for global marketing efforts.

Global social media marketing is a terrific way to reach once unreachable clients and opportunities.  However, efforts that work in the U.S. might not work overseas – issues extend beyond simple language barriers. Writing in the October 3 issue of DM News, David Ward asked social media marketing experts, Scott Monty from Ford, Shiv Singh from Avenue A/Razorfish, and Bob Pearson from Dell about their respective strategies in the article, “Social Media Goes Global.” This trio provides some key tips to help you get your global SMM underway, as I’ve tried to summarize below…

  • While Twitter and Facebook both have international capabilities, they compete with homegrown sites that already have millions of local users. Look into local social networking sites to reach the true market for that specific region.
  • RESEARCH YOUR TARGET REGION. You may think you’re one step away from achieving a successful global marketing campaign, but then…surprise! You realize that the great social networking site you’re using has a demographic of 16-24 year olds. Social media is still a young industry. Do the research beforehand and only go after the regions that make sense.
  • Use region-appropriate mediums and tools.  Not all markets are digital-savvy, and some are more advanced than you think. Find platforms with capabilities that best fit the market you are targeting.
  • Messaging should remain consistent, regardless of the region. However, everything you write needs to be tailored to each market. Keep the gist of the message the same, but do more than just translate blog posts and Facebook pages. Hire a local industry expert to write a blog post and capitalize on the “local” and “tangible” relationships that social networks encourage.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your neighbors overseas! Have your own successful global SMM story? Share it with the rest of us by writing a guest post or comment here on Internet Marketing Strategies and Secrets!

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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