Formula for Calculating Email Campaign Effectiveness

I just found an interesting blog post on a recent Marketing Sherpa presentation where they introduced a formula for calculating email campaign effectiveness. They examined the top 6 factors which contribute to a solid email campaign strategy while weighing the importance of each. The formula is defined as follows:
ECE = 3lq + 2or + 2bc + 2it + ef + dr


ECE = Email Campaign Effectiveness
lq = List Quality
or = Offer Relevance
bc = Body Copy
it = Intrinsic Timing (Send Time and Urgency)
ef = Envelope Fields (From and Subject Lines)
dr = Deliverability Rate

It is interesting to note that List Quality and Offer Relevance are of the utmost importance. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a sound list/lead nurture strategy for keeping your in-house lists fresh and updated with engaging content and effective, timely communications whenever possible. Building trust and a sense of familiarity with your audience will guarantee loyalty and maintain the quality of your lists. Stay tuned for more on email marketing strategy!

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