Do your marketing campaigns address mobile users?

Chances are your customers have their mobile phones with them all day, every day and are increasingly using them as their primary communication device. Does your company use mobile to market to your customers? Are you missing out on connecting with your prospects using mobile because you don’t have a mobile strategy and are unsure how to get started?

Learn how to help your business get smart on mobile by downloading our mobile marketing white paper titled, 25 Reasons You Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy Today.

This white paper will answer the following mobile marketing questions:

1) Why is it important to start building mobile advertising campaigns?

2) Why is it crucial to have a mobile website?

3) What operating systems matter for mobile apps?

4) Why should you be optimizing for mobile in your search marketing campaigns?

5) Why are SMS and permission marketing some of the best mobile marketing techniques?

Just like social media, marketing to your mobile audience comes with its own best practices, technology and a very different set of rules to maximize engagement and participation. Download this white paper written by our Creative Director, Justin Barton, and VP of Account Services, Olivier Sartor, to see why mobile is an essential part of any marketing strategy.


  1. Dan Miller says

    Good article regarding the topic of mobile users. But when I went to open it up on my smart phone I see the blog is not responsive. I couldn’t read it unless I zoomed in and scrolled sideways as well. Hmmm

    • Michelle Lynn says

      Thanks for the comment Dan & glad to hear you enjoyed our white paper! We are currently in the process of updating our Nowspeed website to Responsive Design — good catch!

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