Integrated SEO: The SEO Secret To Take Your Program To The Next Level

Integrated SEO: The SEO Secret To Take Your Program To The Next Level

Many organizations treat SEO as a silo.  It’s one person’s job to “do” SEO, or it’s outsourced to an SEO Agency without integrating it into other important marketing functions. This approach means that you’re only getting a small part of the value of all your SEO work.

Traditional SEO techniques, such as updating HTML tags with relevant keywords, are all good, but most organizations are missing close integration with their own website, content and digital [Read more…]

What’s New on Instagram for 2018

What’s New On Instagram for 2018

Instagram, never complacent with the success of its own platform, continues to roll out new features month after month, year after year. Last year, Instagram graced us with the ability to add links to Instagram Stories, which is great news for retail brands and publishers. Suddenly, they were able to find creative ways to actually drive traffic through Stories. Instagram’s Stories has been a blessing to marketers and continue to be one of the most popular features on the platform. Since the introduction of Stories, the average time spent on the platform has jumped from 15 minutes to 28 minutes, [Read more…]

Online Video Marketing Trends And Stats

Online Video Marketing Trends & Stats

The constantly changing world of digital marketing is evolving at record speeds. As a marketer I’m sure you’ve heard about it, read about it, talked about it and probably sat in industry events hearing about it. YES, Video digital marketing.

Video has evolved into a must have for savvy marketers. With more and more information being pushed to the masses the less time people have to read through large documents, read training manuals, research prospects and more. So how do people consume so much information daily with so little time? And better yet, what can you do to get a piece of their attention? The answer: Use video as part of your marketing strategy

Did you know that in 2016: [Read more…]