Social Media Advertising

The Hottest Social Media Advertising Trends

Hottest Social Media Advertising Trends

Social media is not only growing rapidly in terms of new platforms, but more and more people are engaging with social media networks. In fact, over 75% of all people on the Internet are also on at least one social media platform

What does this mean for social media advertising? Frankly, it’s inescapable in today’s advertising strategy. Social media share of marketing budgets is expected to double by 2020.

This blog post will talk about the latest and hottest social media advertising options: [Read more…]

Twitter Announces Changes to 140 Character Limit

We have all been frustrated at least once in our Twitter lifetime by trying to squeeze a message into the dreaded 140 character limit. Whether it’s abbreviating words, not posting that essential photo or just throwing away grammar all together, it seems like trying to stay under 140 characters is altering how we want to communicate with others. Luckily, Twitter has announced that in the coming months they will make changes to simplify Tweets, as well as make adjustments to what counts towards the 140 character limit. [Read more…]

5 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Following

Nowspeed recently presented a webinar on a topic area that clients bring up time after time, “How can I grow my social media followers?” If you didn’t have a change to view this webinar live, you can watch the recorded version here

So what exactly makes a good social media following? Thousands upon thousands of followers? High quality followers? The answer is different to every business, but there are 5 key strategies you can use in order to grow your follower base.

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