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What’s New in Adwords: New Year, New AdWords Experience

What’s New in AdWords:

New Year, New AdWords Experience

Do you find yourself selecting “Return to previous AdWords” each time you are brought to Google AdWords BETA? Don’t be intimidated, we are here to help you make the final switch to this new, awesome experience! With the new AdWords updates, you will improve your account’s campaigns and gain in-depth insights while saving time, for no additional cost. Yes, of course the platform will take time to get used to, but fortunately, you will find exclusive [Read more…]

Ad Copy Best Practices for Technology Companies

Ad Copy Best Practices for Technology Companies

The perfect AdWords campaign takes time and consideration- so take a moment and look back at that awesome list of relevant and highly searched keywords that apply to your business. It is crucial to use these keywords and incorporate them into compelling ad messaging! [Read more…]

Advertising On Waze With Different Ad Formats

Advertising on Waze with Different Ad Formats

Did you know that the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app has its own advertising platform? With over 70 million global active users, Waze offers another way for your brand to reach a massive number of potential customers. If you aim to increase your local business presence or to better inform customers of your physical location, advertising on Waze could be right for you. Here are the different ad formats that you can choose from to promote your business on Waze. [Read more…]

Don’t Lose Track of What You’re Paying For Digital Advertising

Don’t Lose Track of What You’re Paying for Digital Advertising

Keeping track of how much you’re paying for digital advertising can be a tricky task.  You may be advertising on multiple platforms at the same time, such as Google Adwords, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and utilizing multiple forms of payment, like invoices and credit cards.  To add another level of complexity, you may be managing your advertising through an agency partner and/or among several members of your own marketing team.  On top of all this, you have to make sure your Accounts Payable personnel is in sync with your marketing team so you don’t double dip. All of these factors can create financial mayhem. How can you streamline the process so that you can stay on top of your total digital advertising spending?

[Read more…]

Be Only a Click Away with AdWords Click-to-Message Ads

Be Only a Click Away with AdWords Click-to-Message Ads

Google has rolled out a new ad extension to add to your AdWords arsenal called Click-to-message ads. This new ad extension allows potential customers to reach you via a SMS Text message sent directly from their mobile device to yours.

Whether the user has a phone-phobia or just doesn’t have a few minutes to commit to a phone call or website visit, they can still easily reach out to your business, allowing them to continue the conversation at a time that is most convenient for them.

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