The Buying Process Has Changed: Three Things To Do Now

Are you prepared for the way your customers are buying today?

The buying process has changed dramatically in the last five to ten years. In the past, especially in business to business sales and big ticket consumer sales, your sales team was really in control of the buying process because they provided most of the information that buyers needed. They were the primary link between the buyers and your product.

Today, that has changed dramatically. Buyers can get information on your products and services in a variety of ways. Buyers are now in control of the research process due to their access to a [Read more…]

5 Most Popular Types of Content in a Content Marketing Program


Today, there are so many options for creating content for your content marketing program. From articles to white papers to video, there are so many types of content to consider, so how do you choose the best ones?

According to a recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute, B2B and B2C marketers ranked 27 different types of content that they use to find and build relationships with customers.

The top 5 types of content were used over three times more on average than the bottom 5 types. If you are going to plan a marketing program, it’s important to understand how to focus on the best.

Here are the 5 best types of content to use for your campaigns. [Read more…]

Why Google Authorship is so Important

If you work in the marketing field chances are you’ve heard the term “Google Authorship” before BUT you might not know exactly why it’s important or how to become Google Authorized. I’ll share with you 6 simple steps you’ll need to take in order to get Google Authorized and explain the many benefits of being Authorized on

As we all know there is plenty and I mean PLENTY of information on Google search results lately. One of the main reasons Google came up with the concept of “Google Authorship” is because it helps connect a piece of content with the Google+ profile of it’s author. The idea is that an author can build rank and trust (called Author Rank) based on the content they write all over the web. By providing “Author Rank,” Google is now able to filter out the duplicate content and now provide credibility to search results that include the author’s name.

Google already has a way to determine your expertise on those subjects and it is getting smarter at how it ranks authors and their content. For instance, if your content is constantly +1’ed and shared, it will be a strong signal that the content you create is of high quality and offers plenty of value. If you’re wondering why you should become Google Authorized — listen up!

Top 3 Benefits of Verifying your Google Authorship:

  1. SEO Benefits of Authorship — Develop an “Author Ranking” which results in a ranking boost to all content you write.
  2. Name Awareness & Industry Authority — Get your name out there to build your online authority. This will result in a much higher click-through-rate on Google!
  3. Increased Connection & Engagement between an Author & Online Audience — Helps facilitate engagement with your audience, as people will now be able to tell right in the search engine which content you’ve authored.

If you think the benefits listed above are important to you and your company then please follow the steps listed below to be on your way of getting Google Authorized!Google+1

6 Steps to becoming Google Authorized:

Step 1: Create a Google/Gmail Account if you don’t already have one, then add a Google Plus account:

Step 2: Add your profile picture to your Google Plus account. (This is what’s used to display your photo in the search results.)

Step 3: Link your Google+ profile to your website: (Be sure to click the confirmation link in the email you receive.)

Step 4: Add the Google Authorship language to your WordPress website using a Google Author related plug-in (there are plenty out there, we currently use Google Author Link by HelpForWP).

Step 5: Send your web person your GooglePlus URL – So they can add it to your blog user name on the WordPress Blog.

Step 6: Verify that you set everything up correctly by using the Structured Data Testing Tool:

Happy Authoring!