5 Ways You Can Social Media Optimize Your Website Today

A few weeks ago I conducted a webinar entitled, "How to Social Media Optimize Your Website", where I provided a short list of ideas for enhancing websites by making them more social media friendly:

The Cure for the Common Social Media Practitioner

Now that so many organizations – both commercial and non-profit – have begun to at least experiment with social media, if not make a serious commitment to it, standing out among the cacophony of posts, comments, tweets, requests, invitations, updates, podcasts, images and video clips calling for attention is no easy task.

How to Weave Cause-Related Marketing and Fundraising Tactics into Your Social Media Program

Now that most brands and businesses have finally dipped their toes into the social media waters and are making themselves heard on Twitter, Facebook and throughout the blogosphere, many of them are wondering what to do next with these relatively new communications platforms.