Why CEOs Care About Search Marketing

I’m always amazed at how much CEOs care about Search Marketing.  Since I’ve been helping clients develop successful search marketing programs for over 10 years, it’s easy for me to focus on the details of organic and paid search advertising and forget how strategic it is.  When you are concentrating on click through rates, display ad targeting options and organic link building, it’s hard to remember that search marketing can achieve important objectives for company leaders.

CEO’s have a challenging job keeping the company focused on the right strategic mission, building the team, focusing on the most important customers and making sure that operations are well managed.  In the middle of this complexity, most smart CEOs find time to focus on search. Why?  Search marketing tells CEOs important things [Read more…]

Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey

As you build your content marketing plan, you will quickly realize that the content you need for a buyer who is early in the buying process is very different that the content you need for buyers who are about to make a purchase. If you want to create content that matters, you’ll need to create content for your customers and prospects throughout the entire buyer’s journey. In most complex purchasing decisions, buyers often go through an awareness phase, an evaluation phase, and a purchase phase.

To understand your buyer’s journey, look at your own marketplace and ask yourself how your buyers make decisions. In every market and in every industry, this is going to be a little bit different. In general, a buyer starts his or her [Read more…]

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is everywhere. As the web and social media have become integral parts of all of our lives, large and small companies are using content to build engagement with both current and potential customers.

Developing great content is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Providing excellent and relevant content to potential buyers establishes you as an expert and authority, and it helps engage potential customers throughout the buying cycle. This creates brand loyalty, improves retention, focuses attention, and generates leads. Engaging new and existing customers by educating them is a great way to build relationships, and it helps you become a [Read more…]

6 Powerful Reasons To Use More Video In Your Marketing Programs

Adding a video component to your marketing strategy is a powerful way to increase the reach and impact of your brand. The statistics for online video views are staggering and continue to grow. Comscore reported that in March 2014 over 187 million people watched online video and the average American watched over 17 hours of online video in the month.

Most marketers today are faced with the challenge of driving more leads that turn into more sales. If you are not including video in your campaigns and leveraging them for SEO, you are missing a key component for success. One out of four marketers say they use video in email marketing campaigns, but 43% of marketers cited a lack of video content as a key reason for not using video in their marketing programs. [Read more…]

5 Most Popular Types of Content in a Content Marketing Program


Today, there are so many options for creating content for your content marketing program. From articles to white papers to video, there are so many types of content to consider, so how do you choose the best ones?

According to a recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute, B2B and B2C marketers ranked 27 different types of content that they use to find and build relationships with customers.

The top 5 types of content were used over three times more on average than the bottom 5 types. If you are going to plan a marketing program, it’s important to understand how to focus on the best.

Here are the 5 best types of content to use for your campaigns. [Read more…]