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Video Content is King! Part 3: Web Presenter Videos

If you’re like most digital marketers, then you realize the importance of integrating video into your marketing plan. The question is where will you find the budget and time to take on a task like producing a video specifically for marketing? You actually might already have video marketing assets that you can use for re-purpose for ongoing marketing efforts. [Read more…]

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy to Attract Your Target Audience

With the help of tablets, laptops, smartphones, and the Internet in general, more people are relying on the convenience of online shopping to find everything they need and want. CPC Strategy reported that mobile ecommerce growth has been steady since 2009, while ecommerce sales have grown by 10 percent a year. For this reason, marketers need to put a majority of their time and energy into creating compelling digital and content marketing campaigns that will intrigue potential customers to keep reading. There is more to digital marketing than just using social media and creating a blog when you get a chance; it takes dedication, strategy, and consistency to create a campaign that gets results.

Content is Still King

The phrase “Content is King” was never more true than it is today. According to the Content Marketing Institute, [Read more…]

Video Content is King!-Part 2: Product Demos

Your website is such a crucial aspect of your company’s image. The information and content you feed consumers is paramount to their experience. But how do you provide a great user experience?  One key way to do so is through the use of videos. More specifically, implement the use of product videos.

The number of videos watched online has increased over 900% in the last 8 years and YouTube is the #2 search engine behind Google. More than 83% of internet users consume video across all age groups and 93% of these [Read more…]

4 Steps To Take Your Marketing Automation Program To The Next Level

Here are four steps that will take your marketing automation program to the next level.

The first step is to develop personas. By understanding your buyers, you’ll be able to create personalized messages for each of them. You can start by looking at their objectives, the title of the ideal buyer, where they’re located, how much experience they have, some trigger events that induce them to want to buy your product, and their challenges.

By understanding their psychographic and demographic characteristics, you’ll be able to build buyer personas and write messages that are specific to their needs.

[Read more…]

Video Content Is King! – Part 1: Testimonials

Video marketing is one of the most effective Digital Marketing tools available today, and for the next few weeks in a series of blog posts, Nowspeed will help you understand many ways to use video to achieve your marketing goals.

Video marketing can help you to build an ultra strong web presence, not only with your audience, but also with the search engines for SEO. (Tip: Search engines like Google value your site more if it has video). Consider the following statistics on Video Marketing. [Read more…]