What the Hell is RLSA and Why Use It?

What the Hell is RLSA and Why Should Advertisers Use It?


Want to stay one-step ahead of your competitors in your Adwords paid search campaigns and introduce a strategy they probably aren’t using?  In 2013, Google rolled out a new advertising feature called Remarketing List for Search Ads or RLSA. This advertising feature has gone largely unutilized, since many advertisers don’t quite understand how it works, or because Adwords Managers are content with their existing campaign performance. Let’s face it, change is hard, and after optimizing the campaign for Search, Display and Display Remarketing, why introduce something new that might consume existing budget or change the landscape of your account?

What if I told you that there is a way to adjust your bids for people that have been to your website before and are now [Read more…]