Blogging, Social Media and the Naked Truth

Chances are you’ve heard of Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers, the landmark 2006 book written by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel.

But you may not have read Maureen Condon’s recent MetroWest Daily News column entitled, “Get Naked for Success in Business.”

I did.

And I couldn’t help but conclude that this theme — naked, as in true authenticity and transparency in the face of those whose loyalty you covet — has finally been acknowledged, if not embraced, in boardrooms and corner offices.

Yes, at long last, the corporate world is coming around to the fact that the stark, naked truth is actually good for business.

Of course, the emergence of blogs as a bona fide online communications platform — along with everything else social media-related — has more than a little something to do with this transformative, radical paradigm shift from interruptive corporate-speak to open, engaging and surprisingly candid dialogue between businesses and constituencies.

As Condon, principal of Precision Marketing Group, writes in her October 13 MetroWest Daily News column…

Transparency is becoming a requirement for today’s businesses. Many companies have found great success by allowing us to see “behind the scenes” in real time through video diaries or blogs or to engage directly with CEOs and other executives in online forums.

No question about it, the tables have been turned on sales, marketing and PR departments.  Top-down, one-way communications has given way to relatively unrestrictive, refreshingly candid conversations between all concerned.  To succeed in business communications today, it pays to use blogs and social media to reveal yourself to customers, prospects and those outside your world.  Because honesty — when all is said and done — really is the best policy.

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