Baby steps to increasing web visibility

You have heard the expression about the cobbler’s kids and their shoes, well even those of us in online marketing need to step back every once in awhile and take an inventory of what new assets can be leveraged to help improve web visibility.

Recently a software vendor wanted to create a video testimonial as to how we use their tool to engage with our clients and share information. The vendor hired a small production staff come to our office and shoot the footage. A month or two later, talk of the video surfaced during an internal meeting. A quick surf over to youtube and low and behold… there it was. After making the rounds to co-workers and colleagues it got me thinking….. Here is a video that talks about our own organization that costs us nothing to produce.

Now I don’t foresee the video being the most watched video on youtube, or even casting directors to be beating down the Nowspeed office door , but the video shows our organization in a professional light and with universal search more main stream a quick search in Google for “nowspeed generate leads“ produced 2 results for the video.

The lesson to take away here is to look at any new creative, testimonials, surveys and see how they can be leveraged on the web.

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