Be Only a Click Away with AdWords Click-to-Message Ads

Be Only a Click Away with AdWords Click-to-Message Ads

Google has rolled out a new ad extension to add to your AdWords arsenal called Click-to-message ads. This new ad extension allows potential customers to reach you via a SMS Text message sent directly from their mobile device to yours.

Whether the user has a phone-phobia or just doesn’t have a few minutes to commit to a phone call or website visit, they can still easily reach out to your business, allowing them to continue the conversation at a time that is most convenient for them.

With nearly two thirds of smartphone owners using text messaging more than five times a day to communicate with others, it’s imperative that you do not miss out on this efficient and effective way to communicate with them.

So how does this new feature work? Take a look at an example below.

On the left, is a typical Google AdWords ad with the Click-to-message extension enabled, highlighting a call to action to take (also known as the extension text).

When a user taps on the texting option, a pre-written message, which you can specify to say what you choose, populates in the user’s mobile SMS App allowing them to send a text message directly to a designated phone number. Although this message is pre-populated to help save time, a user can edit their message before sending if they’d like.

Click to Message Adwords Nowspeed

It’s that simple. Now all you need to do is continue the conversation and land that deal.

Worried that you’ll be getting a text from an ad during the middle of the night? Don’t worry because we can always schedule the click-to-message feature to only show during normal business hours to help relieve that from happening.

Best practices for click-to-message extensions:

  1. Write clear and relevant message extensions
    • Match the ad message to your campaign’s theme and write a well-thought pre-written message to make the user want to engage with you.
  2. Set up a great conversation over text
    • Have a plan to transition texting to another form of communication and that the texts that you are receiving are the type of messages you want from customers.
  3. Measure the value of the messages you receive
    • Create a system to understand the value of your messages so you can evaluate and update strategy.
  4. Boost the performance of your message extensions
    • Monitor ad serving and combine with other ad extensions or remarketing features to increase performance

There are many advertisers that are already using this unique ad extension, allowing them to interact with customers in real-time and with a method that is most convenient for them. Don’t miss the opportunity to start the conversion and be only a click away with click-to-message ads today!

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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