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Nowspeed is a Certified Yahoo Bing Partner

At Nowspeed, we use all forms of Digital Advertising practices in order to get you the leads you’re looking for. As a certified partner with the Yahoo Bing Network, we have resources available that give us access to custom tips, tools and marketing insights in order to use to the success clients of our clients marketing initiatives. By using Bing for your advertising needs, Nowspeed can help you gain traffic, boost efficiency of campaigns and see higher Click-Through Rates. Contact us today to learn more about how we will use the Bing to meet and exceed your digital marketing goals.


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Using the Yahoo Bing Network for Digital Marketing Success

Reach new clients, sell your talents and services, and increase repeat customers. By advertising on the Yahoo Bing Network you can can reach your target market on more than one million websites, videos, and apps across the Internet.  Advertisers using the Yahoo Bing Network have the choice to specifically target certain websites to run their ads on or to automatically appear on websites that have content matching their targeted keywords. With the Display Network’s targeting tools, advertisers can choose to target certain audiences who are most likely to take interest in their product or service. Leveraging the wide reach and targeted approach of the Yahoo Bing Display Network is one step on the path to digital marketing success.

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