5 Tips To Attract & Engage Leads Through Your Ad Copy

One of the most important pieces of your ad strategy is writing ad copy that will get your target audience to take your desired action. The ad copy you choose can make or break your ad campaign. Here’s some strategies that will be sure to boost your ad campaign success:

Focus on the Benefits: 

Whether you’re objective is website traffic, content downloads, video engagement or lead generation, focus on the benefits. Whatever it is that you are providing your target audience with must have some kind of benefit, use it to your advantage. Ask yourself the questions below: 

  • Will it make someone’s job/life easier? How?
  • Will the audience learn new information? What is it?
  • Can we provide this audience with a service that no one else can? What is it?
  • What will this audience gain by completing the CTA in our ad? 

The answers to these questions should be the main points used  in the copy of your ad. Let’s use Netflix as an example. Netflix used this as the copy in one of their ads, “Enjoy unlimited shows and movies. Uninterrupted and on any device. Sign up now at Netflix.com”. In under 100 characters, Netflix makes it clear that by signing up for their service, you will receive unlimited movies and shows that you can watch on any device without commercials. They made it clear not only that you have something to gain by signing up (unlimited shows and movies), but also that they provide a service that not many others can (no commercials). 

Use Numbers:

Using numbers in your ad copy is a great way to stand out. Whether the number represents a discount, a success rate, a business statistic, etc., you will be much more likely to grab the attention of your audience through numbers. Another benefit is that they take up less space, which is helpful when you have a character count limit. Let’s look at this example from Oracle Marketing Cloud. In their ad promoting their ABM handbook, they used this as their ad copy, “Looking to power up your ROI? 84% of B2B marketers say ABM is the best way to make it happen. So why wait?.  Assuming their target audience is B2B marketers, seeing this would make that audience consider learning more after reading that it’s working so well for 84% of other B2B marketers. 

Questions to consider when thinking about numbers to include in your ad copy:

  • What percentage of people has this worked for?
  • What percentage will someone save with our product/service?
  • How many years of experience do we have in what we do? 
  • How many cities, states or countries do we serve?

Make it Relevant: 

There’s always something going on in the world that can’t be ignored, and you certainly don’t want to ignore it in your ads either. COVID-19 is a great example. When something big is happening, you want to make sure that your audience knows that you are aware and that you care. Sometimes this means you may have to produce content or services around these things that are happening, or you might already have content or services that fit. Back in April 2020, Slack promoted a webinar on their platform using the following ad copy, “Learn to navigate the challenges of remote work with us. We’ll cover the basics of how to use Slack and then take you through best practice”. You can see here that they’re providing their target audience with a solution to one of the many issues that came with COVID-19, while also making the audience not feel so alone by using the words “with us”. 

Questions to consider when creating relevant ad copy: 

  • What is going on in our city, state, country or world today? 
  • Do we have a product or service that is relevant? 

Use a Call to Action: 

It’s also important that you make the call to action of your ads well known. Do you want your target audience to learn more, download, watch, call, follow? Whichever it may be, it should be clear in your ad copy. If you can’t fit it into the main text of your ad, it works well in the headline. You can use the main text to include the advice mentioned above, and then make the main CTA clear in the headline. 

Common CTAs: 

  • Learn more about…
  • Download the eBook…
  • Follow us for…
  • Sign up for…
  • Watch the video…

Create Tests:

Effective ad copy can differ based on who your target audience is and what your offer is. Because of that, it is best practice to run ad copy tests. It can also be difficult to fit all of the above advice into 1 version of ad copy. You could write 3 different versions of ad copy for 1 offer – 1 version can provide benefits, 1 can use numbers, and 1 can be relevant to something happening today. Running a test like this will provide you with information about what works best for your offer.

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