Looking to Boost Your Social Media Presence? Here are 5 Qualities to Look for in a Social Media Manager

50% of the global population, or 2.8 billion people, are using social media. That number only increases daily, making it essential that your brand has a substantial and high-quality social media presence. Maybe you are just understanding the need for a social media manager or you are looking to replace an employee that recently left, there are certain traits to look for before making an offer. Here are five characteristics to look for when hiring your next social media manager.

  1. Organized

It comes at no surprise that this is an essential quality of any Social Media Manager. Most employees who have a role in social take on a very heavy workload and a content calendar that can change at any instant. Gone are the days when you can just schedule all your content ahead and “set it and forget it”. Social Media Managers get feedback and input from every corner including potential customers, current clients, sales teams, HR execs and CEOs. They need to be able to adapt and produce content to satisfy all aspects of an organization at any given time.  From planning, to content creation, to optimization and reporting, a Social Media Manager needs to be extremely organized to achieve results.

  1. Creative

Creativity takes on many meanings in the world of a Social Media Manager. They need to have creative ideas, creative visuals, and creative writing. Creating the perfect social post that will happen to capture the eye of your audience is a skill that takes a lot of trial and error to perfect. Battling the Instagram and Facebook algorithms isn’t just about data, but about coming up with posts that are more creative than the next brand.

  1. People Person

The point of social media is just that, it’s social. Knowing how to talk to your community and deliver exceptional customer service on both your pages and within your DMs is critical for engagement and customer loyalty. In the “cancel culture” world we live in, many times PR issues are handled for all to see on Twitter or Instagram. The person managing the social handles must know how and when to respond to both positive and negative posts.

  1. Data-Driven

“But did any social posts lead to a sale?” Our favorite question from just about any sales team member. A Social Media Manger might see a massive increase in engagement rate week over week but that doesn’t matter to some within an organization at the end of the day. You must be able to explain ROI and give reasoning behind the numbers and the data. Analyze what types of posts perform best and ensure you have full-funnel tracking to see how many leads from social converted into sales. Create meaningful reports that others within the organization can understand and see the value of investing in social media.

  1. Fast & Forever Learner

You probably hear it often, but social media is changing and evolving constantly. Social Media Managers have a responsibility to know about the new platforms, new types of social ads, changes to algorithms, and more at all times. It is a rapidly changing industry which means a Social Media Manager’s role is changing just as quickly. In order to be the best, they must continuously educate themselves on what is happening in the social media world.

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