4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Nowspeed as Your Internet Marketing Agency

As the head of your marketing department, you have a ton of responsibilities. You have to manage your products, your services, your budget and probably a slew of other marketing tasks. Most importantly, you need a good marketing team.

Do you have the right marketing people to make sure your marketing engine firing on all cylinders?

Finding good marketing people at a cost-effective price to manage your social media platforms, paid search marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and website content can be quite a challenge. We often see the following scenarios.

  • A company has marketing people with the right skill sets in place but is not getting the desired results.
  • A company has marketing people with the right skill set at the right price and is getting good results, but then their marketing people leave for another opportunity.
  • A company can’t find the marketing skill set at an appropriate price, forcing the company to devote resources for an extended job search or to pay more than expected.
  • In today’s hyper-competitive world, not getting the maximum results from your marketing team is not only unacceptable but could potentially cost you your job or your company.

1. Nowspeed has the Marketing Expertise
Every marketing department has many needs; from building marketing strategy and writing landing page copy to optimizing your Facebook page and deciding which keywords should be broad or exact. For marketing teams which have small staffs, it is virtually impossible to find someone who can do meet all of your PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email and Website Design requirements. Nowspeed has experienced people who specialize all of these internet marketing services. Most of our team members have spent over 10 years working on their marketing specialties. They are delivering these services for multiple clients so they are knowledgeable about how to deliver results across many industries. We support our team by giving our people the tools and the training to stay at this high level.

2. Nowspeed is Cost Effective and Time Effective
For the cost of 1 marketing person, we can deliver 2 or 3 of these marketing services. More importantly, for our retainer clients, we can shift resources across new marketing services depending on your needs for that month. Your time and your team’s time is very valuable. Letting your team focus on internal marketing decisions and issues while letting us handle the optimization of search, social, email and websites saves you both time and money.

3. Nowspeed is Up On Marketing’s Rapid Evolvement
Marketing is changing daily and it is difficult to make the correct decision when all the marketing platforms are changing daily. Over the past few months, we have seen Google changing its search algorithm, Facebook has changed the visibility for company page posts, Twitter introduce small business marketing and Pinterest explode. If you are not aware of all the marketing changes, how can you make accurate marketing decisions?

4. Nowspeed Delivers Marketing Results
We are delivering absolutely, fantastic results for our clients. From tripling landing page conversion rate to doubling website conversions and from quintupling the number of Twitter followers to driving leads across all the platforms, we want you to share in our success.

If you are having trouble with your marketing effectiveness, give me a call today and let’s discuss how we can help.

Olivier Sartor
Account Director
(508) 616-0111, 216

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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