12 Most Helpful Reasons to Get Your Content Shared on Social Networks

Content Sharing is becoming more and more competitive on social networks these days as everyone seems to be battling off for the most commented, liked, and re-tweeted articles possible. Why you may ask? Because having sharable content will not only increase your online marketing presence but will also help increase your organic traffic astronomically. Ranking high on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and many other social networks can be one business’s dreams. The most valuable part of this, however, is understanding what motivates a person to share certain information and not others? Could it be the popularity of a post, the credibility of the author, or perhaps just the subject matter? This list will help you get a better sense on why your content may not be shared as much on social media as other content and how to change this.

1. Gain trust with your audience

People won’t share you content if they don’t find you or your content to be trustworthy. Be trusting and lead honest and open public dialogues where you are not afraid of negative statements.

2. Make sure your audience cares about your brand

Let’s face it, not everyone knows you or cares about you so why should they care about your brand? Try to offer valuable information, great deals and a chance to meet other people who share similar interests to engage your audience.

3. Make your posts interesting

DON’T BE BORING! This is the worst thing you can do that makes people forget about you. Try to liven up your content with strong call to actions, images, and if possible videos!

4. Create passionate content

People are more likely to share your content if they are passionate about the subject. Show your humanside and evoke emotion!

5. Build relationships with others

Research shows that people value relationships with other people, not always with brands. Build a community-like feel and you will be sure to have people boasting with their friends about your brand!

6. Make sure you include validation.

Credibility is key; make sure you can back up all the content you share as much as possible.

7. People share to manage information

Did you know that people process information more deeply, thoroughly and thoughtfully when they share it? Give your audience some new thought-provoking content and don’t forget to invite lots of comments!

8. Understand your audience

Understanding who your audience is can be one of the best motivators for people to share your content. By asking questions and listening to them you will gain a better sense on what they want to hear more about.

9. Integrate email strategies with social media

While many of us love social media, some just don’t spend every second checking their newsfeed! Try to integrate your email strategies with social media to remind them what they may be missing out on.

10. Create a sense of urgency

People love to read share content that is in hot-demand. Try adding slogans like- This just in, or Hot off the press” to wheel those retweets in!

11. Don’t forget to share content yourself!

Let’s face it, you can come off an “I know it all” social guru…you need to play the due-diligence in order to get what you want to happen for yourself. Try to share note-worthy content from your favorite industry leaders and then you will see the reverse effect back to you!

12. Ask your audience to share your content

Don’t be afraid to ask your audience to share your content because after all it is what you want isn’t it?

Well I hope this list helped you gain a better sense on how to create compelling & sharable content for your social networks. Even if you try out 5 of these suggestions, I am sure you will be on a better road to sharing-success than before! Finally, I’d like to ask you all kindly that if you did enjoy reading my list, then please share this list with your friends! Thank you very much!

Let’s start accelerating your success.

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