Best Practices to Nurture and Grow Marketing-Qualified Leads 

Many businesses are looking for an edge in the digital marketing game. They want to generate more leads and nurture those leads into customers, but they don’t know where to start or what strategy will work best. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best practices that you can nurture and grow your lead generation marketing-qualified leads. Best practices to follow include: 

  1. Assign a contact to lead communication: After a lead becomes qualified, take the next step by assigning them a contact who will be responsible for following through with all communications from then on out. This person should have access to information about every interaction between the company and this customer so they can provide personalized answers when needed. 
  2. Use marketing automation tools for email subject lines, content, and timing of emails. In order to nurture your leads, create automated emails that are sent out based on certain triggers with marketing automation tools such as Pardot or Hubspot. Email marketing can be triggered by events like when a lead submits their contact information for the first time, completes an e-commerce order, opens your welcome email, and more.  
  3. Run nurture campaigns that are triggered by various interactions with your leads or website visitors. For example, welcome series emails can be sent after someone submits their first name on the form or a sign-up date campaign could send an “It’s been two weeks since you signed up” email. Another option is a follow up post-purchase email that could remind them about subscribing to blog posts in order to get the most from our online educational offerings, etc.  

If you’re looking to generate more leads, one way is to have a lead magnet. This can be your newsletter, blog posts, or even an ebook. Developing original content is a powerful way to attract new visitors who might not see your company otherwise. This keeps possible leads interested while still making it seem like you care about what they have to say rather than just selling them something without listening first. 

In addition to developing content for your potential leads, engaging with them through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn is essential. Social media is a great way to build rapport with potential leads, and at the same time, it gives you an opportunity to show them your expertise on any given subject. 

Nowspeed offers email marketing and automation services for our clients who want to turn their leads into clients or customers. Our team of experts works with you to create the best possible marketing strategy for your leads by utilizing the top digital marketing tools available. Contact us for a free consultation! 

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